Who are the exiles?

The exiles we mean here are those forced out of their country by war or politics. We mean especially those fleeing Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in the spring of 2022, some of which we're very well suited to help and back.

What does the fund do?

We help developers of games and related software technology to re-locate and start or re-start their business, with favourable terms from suppliers, customers and investors.

Who is behind the fund?

Exiles.Fund is an initiative of Nordic Game Ventures, which is closely associated with the Nordic Game conference and community network. Others are still joining and will be announced if and when they desire.

Is the fund looking to make money from this?

Exiles.Fund is a so-called impact fund, where it is assumed that you can do both good and good business at the same time. You of course have to assume a lot of risk.

We're already giving much, privately through other channels or, with no strings attached, through the fund. However, we wish to apply our skills as buyers and investors too. That allows us to do even more, much more.

Won't this cause or worsen brain drain?

We want to help sustain livelihoods, and to salvage entrepreneurial careers. We will be helping with repatriation, too.

What does this have to do with me?

If you are in our target group and would like us to help, back or invest in you, please send your deck to "pitch-at-exiles-dot-fund".

If you might consider helping, backing and investing with us, please write to "invest-at-exiles-dot-fund".

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